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Resource: Be Creative Be Well; Arts, wellbeing and local communities: An evaluation (National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health)

Be Creative Be Well; Arts, wellbeing and local communities (An evaluation)

Authors: Richard Ings, Nikki Crane, and Marsaili Cameron



‘Be Creative Be Well represents a significant step forward in a growing dialogue between the arts and health professions, each having taken its own path to a common goal of promoting wellbeing.’ As Well London moves into its second foreword phase of development and Be Creative Be Well continues to be a key theme, we commend this report to all professionals and organisations that are concerned with the health and wellbeing of communities, including local government, NHS trusts, GPs, housing associations, organisations in the voluntary and private sectors, and artists and arts organisations

Published by: Arts Council England

Publication Date: 2007-2011

Country: United Kingdom

Language: English

Type: Reports/Papers