Joining the Spectrum: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry Into Theatre as an Intervention for Autism Diagnosed Teens

Author: Ah-Jeong Kim, Professor, Department of Theatre, California State University, Northridge & David Boyns, Professor, Department of Sociology, California State University, Northridge



This interdisciplinary research project investigates theatre as intervention for youth with autism (ASD). During the summer of 2014, 18 youth with autism and their nine non-ASD peers participated in a five-week long theatre conservatory program held in conjunction with the highly acclaimed The Miracle Project (TMP) by Elaine Hall and California State University, Northridge’s Teenage Drama Workshop (TADW). It culminated in the creation and a total of five public performances of a new musical “Joining the Spectrum.” This report delineates the outcomes of a multi-disciplinary research and data analysis based on pre-and post test questionnaires and structured behavioral observations, inquiring into the potential impact of inclusive theatre on the lives of youth with an autism diagnosis and their families.

Published by: National Endowment for the Arts

Publication Date: 2014

Country: United States

Language: English

Type: Programs/Projects