The art of being healthy: a qualitative study to develop a thematic framework for understanding the relationship between health and the arts

Author: Christina R Davies, Matthew Knuiman, Peter Wright, Michael Rosenberg



In recent years the health–arts nexus has received increasing attention; however, the relationship is not well understood and the extent of possible positive, negative and unintended outcomes is unknown. Guided by the biopsychosocial model of health and theories of social epidemiology, the aim of this study was to develop a framework pertaining to the relationship between arts engagement and population health that included outcomes, confounders and effect modifiers. A health–arts framework is of value to researchers seeking to build the evidence base; health professionals interested in understanding the health–arts relationship, especially those who use social prescribing for health promotion or to complement treatments; in teaching medical, nursing and health-science students about arts outcomes, as well as artists and health professionals in the development of policy and programmes.

Published by: University of Western Australia

Publication Date: 2015

Country: Australia

Language: English

Type: Models/Frameworks