Impact of fine arts participation on self-determination and locus of control among persons with developmental disabilities.

Author: Kenneth L. Robey, PhD Michael D. Reed, PharmD Matheny Medical and Educational Center Hattie Larlham Community Services and Akron Children’s Hospital Co-Investigators: Phylliss Steiner Bonnie Wilkenfeld, PhD Hattie Larlham Community Services Matheny Medical and Educational Center Research Assistant: Jungwon DeVone Matheny Medical and Educational Center



In recent years, programs that enable people with disabilities to participate in the fine arts have been established around objectives of self-expression, social integration, and vocation, rather than therapeutic intent. While research has found various benefits to participation in such programs, little is known about the degree to which they promote among the participants feelings of self-determination and control over their circumstances. This preliminary study sought evidence of the degree to which self-determination and locus of control might be valuable constructs to study in relation to fine arts participation in adults with complex developmental disabilities.

Published by: Matheny School and Hospital, National Endowment for the Arts

Publication Date: 2015

Country: United States

Language: English

Type: Programs/Projects