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Resource: Art, Health, and Well-Being in America (National Organization for Arts in Mental Health)

Art, Health, and Well-Being in America

Authors: Patricia Dewey Lambert, Donna Betts, Judy Rollins, Jill Sonke, Katie White Swanson



In communities large and small, the arts are used daily to reduce the experience of pain, help patients express needs and emotions, and create a welcoming and uplifting environment – a path to joy for those who may feel disheartened. Such moments are made possible by a diverse group of professions providing an ever-expanding array of initiatives that engage the arts, humanities, and design in the service of health and well-being. This paper introduces these inspiring areas of practice and lays a foundation to connect, unify, and elevate the full arena of the arts, health, and well-being in America.

Published by: National Organization for Arts in Mental Health

Publication Date: 2017

Country: United States

Language: English

Type: Reports/Papers