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Mississauga Arts Council seeks ArtsCare Program Proposals and ArtsCare Participant Referrals

Mississauga, ON – June 29, 2023

Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) believes that the arts can heal. Therapeutic arts programs can help participants gain greater resilience, lower stress and anxiety levels, and build more self confidence.

This fall we are excited to expand our ArtsCare program! We are seeking participant referrals and new therapeutic arts program proposals so that we can expand our ArtsCare programming this fall.

Does your organization serve people who could participate in and benefit from a Therapeutic Arts Program? Do you run a facility that could host these valuable workshops? MAC is seeking ArtsCare referral partners.

Sign up for our Referral Roster and become an ArtsCare Advocate. Join roster here:

MAC is seeking proposals for Therapeutic Arts Programs that employ local Mississauga creatives and provide multi-week workshops that benefit the mental wellness of participants.

Apply by August 1, 2023, for consideration in Fall/Winter programming.
Submit proposal here:

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