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Arts for Mental Health

Resource: The Impact of Arts and Cultural Engagement on Population Health: Findings from Major Cohort Studies in the UK and USA 2017 –2022 (University College London)

This report synthesizes the global evidence on the role of the arts in improving health and well-being, with a specific focus on the WHO European Region. Results from over 3000 studies identified a major role for the arts in the prevention of ill health, promotion of health, and management and treatment of illness across the lifespan.

What Do We Know About Doctor-Prescribed Museum Visits? (Eva Amsen,

From depression and concussion recovery to MS, arts have helped Mississauga residents take back their lives Article by Eva Amsen, Published on on October 19, 2021. “Doctors in Brussels are prescribing museum visits to their patients who are struggling with stress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Museum therapy isn’t new and doctors in other places, such as Montreal, have also been prescribing visits to the local art museum as therapy. Not all programs are the same, though, but researchers have been studying whether these interventions are effective.” … “In 2018, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and Médecins francophones… Read More »What Do We Know About Doctor-Prescribed Museum Visits? (Eva Amsen,